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Your Social Marketing Training Ground

Waste no more of your precious time and book your 121 consultation with me Yasmin, your Social Media Specialist.

I love to inject the fun and creativity in to Social Media strategy with fellow solo, small and medium businesses all feeling that 'overwhelm'. The Social Media industry is forever changing as are trends, features and tools that come with each platform.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone to coach you through all the virtual faff? Well, that's exactly what Aloha's Social Media coaching and training services provide! 

From Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest strategy to Google My Business management - choose from an array of carefully curated training topics that'll set you up for a smooth sailing Social Media experience for your business.

If you are not quite sure which is best suited to your needs, feel free to contact me and I can advise. Let's optimise and strategise together!


Aloha Coaching Topics...

Instagram Optimisation, Content & Growth Strategy

5 x 1 Hour Sessions | £225 
or £50 per 1 Hour Session

Revisit or be introduced to the purpose of Instagram like you've known it before. In this series of 1:1 virtual sessions I will take you on a chronological journey tailored to your business and brand to adopt the best Instagram content strategy to help you grow your socials consistently and quickly.

You will come away with a better understanding of Instagram and it's unlimited potential but more importantly learn how to organically grow your following for more business or brand exposure.

Facebook for Business {Optimisation & Strategy)

5 x 1 Hour Sessions | £225
or £50 Per 1 Hour Session

Facebook for Business is evolving fast and focusing on enhancing its platform for business like never before. There's a lot to keep up with but in this tailored 121 virtual session we cover all the business aspects of Facebook that you need to know and use.

Grow your engagement, use it properly and keep up with your insights - we'll show you how. Book your 121 with Aloha and get Facebook Business savvy!

Google My Business Setup & Training

1 Hour Session | £60

Do you have Google My Business, not used it yet or not know what the hell it is for?

No worries we have a session that introduces you the sometimes unknown powers of Google My Business, how to use it and become more visible to your potential customers or clients. Get to know Google For Business with us and book your 121 virtual session.

Pinterest Strategy

1 Hour Session | £45

Have you been itching to get started on Pinterest but not quite sure how or where to start? 

Then this session is for you! I will help you get started with Pinterest design templates, keywords, topics, references and putting your profile together as a whole.

Start pinning with a little help from Aloha & book below.

Social Media Auditing

Offline + 1 Hour Session | £120

Look professional and strategise with ease as I do some background investigation into your insights, your content and your current social media audience. I will then feed back in a virtual 1:1 with my findings and recommendations on how to optimise and improve your profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest). 

Recommended one every 3 months if you are wanting to get regular Social Media optimisation assistance.

Canva Design & Strategy

Templates + 1 Hour Tutorial | from £75

Canva is fast becoming every business owner and marketer's best friend. Aloha has been using Canva since it launched and has since, been training others to use Canva to its' full potential and create beautiful on brand social marketing templates you can be proud of.

I'll do the design work behind the scenes

Start your Canva journey with Aloha today and shine through design!


And if that doesn't float your boat...

5 x 1 Hour Sessions | £300

Coaching Bundle

Choose five topics from the above coaching menu to create your own social marketing bundle! All Aloha coaching subjects all go hand in hand, so it simply depends on whether you would like focus on more than one topic. If you are not quite sure, feel free to contact me and I can help you put together your perfect coaching bundle.


Don't see what you are looking for?

I wear many hats made of coconuts so if there's something you would like help with that you don't see listed, do not hesitate to contact me to see if I can help or know someone who can.


Your Specialist, Yasmin

"Can't is the real C Word" - Marty Huggins, The Campaign (Jay Roach, 2020)

Hi I'm Yasmin, Social Media Specialist at Aloha! I love to see businesses and brands enjoy their Social Marketing while being proud of what they are putting out there in the virtual word. I see the confidence, passion and relief in my clients when working with me, whether it's via my social media coaching sessions or managing their Social Marketing altogether.

Your success is my passion: I aim to help businesses of all sizes thrive through the powers of Social Media and free up their valuable time to focus on other vital aspects of their business. 


Let's Work Together

If you have any questions about my Social Media services or perhaps discuss a service that you don't see advertised, send me a message and I'll get back to you before you can say ALOHA!

Fancy a coffee? I am based in Poole, Dorset if you fancy meeting up and discussing your social media needs!

+44 7568391350

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