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Pay As You Post

A bitesized service with big outcomes


Want to WOW your audience? Just say the words, and I'll bring them to life...

Pay as you post is the perfect service for anyone wanting some support with the content design and caption side of their social marketing. With a couple of options available for you to choose from, you'll feel the weight of optimising content or your existing and new followers.

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Content Design & Captions

£30 per post

Wow your audience with professional, optimised content design and captions created by me, ready for you to use. 

What you'll receive:

~ Branded content design

~ Engaging caption

~ Optimised hashtags 

~ Matching story post

Perfect for promotional posts, campaigns, ads or as a taster of Aloha's social marketing services, and great for those looking to add a some sparkle to their social media.

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Content Design

£20 per design

Take the pressure off the design aspect of content marketing. You come up with content, I'll design the perfect templates to go with them! 

I use Canva to design templates for:

~ Instagram & Facebook Post & Stories

~ IGTV & Reels Covers

~ LinkedIn Posts

~ Pinterest Pins

~ Twitter Posts

~ Google My Business Posts

~ Cover images

~ Blog covers

This is a fantastic option for those who are confident in writing captions but either needing a helping hand when it comes to design or simply don't have the time to dabble in Canva design.